The perfect mix between high quality ingredients, innovative interpretation of recipes and freedom to choose the right portion sizes: this is Sartoria.

As you ask a tailor to create a garment perfectly fitted for you: at Sartoria you will find the same passion and attention to your needs and taste as well as your appetite.

Aperitivo - starting at 18:00
Trust our bartender for an artfully prepared cocktail or ask our sommelier for advice on the best wine to match your mood. You can choose from a selection of bites to accompany your drink or opt for a tasty selection of local cold cuts and cheese, served with our home made focaccia bread.

Dinner - from 19:00 to 22:00
Up for a new dining experience delivered to you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere? Look no further, at Sartoria we offer you the chance to choose your dish size so you can try more of our chef's recipes or just have plenty of your favorite one. We use top quality regional and seasonal ingredients, prepared with love.